Robin Hill Gardens

One of the Isle of Wight’s best kept secrets!

The park has 88 acres of beautiful English woodland that has grown here at Combley for hundreds of years. It has a tantalising mix of planted clearings, specimen trees, streams, ponds and sculptures. It is a must-see for all green-fingered enthusiasts visiting the Isle of Wight.

Over 100 years ago, the woodland had been planted with an array of unusual plants and trees and was used as a private woodland garden for the local Willis-Fleming estate based at near-by Combley farm. It was used for riding and walking for the family who had wide interests in gardening and it was well maintained and coppiced. Species can still be seen today from that era that would never normally be seen growing in an English woodland, like a Giant Redwood from North America or a Eucalyptus from the southern hemisphere.

However these woodland gardens were lost back to nature during the world war periods and became re-populated with native plants and species once again, but since 2005 work has been ongoing at Robin Hill to reclaim the glades, ponds and paths that once existed, which you will now see when you visit. A number of new plantings and features have been added to add interest and now the woodland in its own right is a popular destination for visitors.

Spring and autumn are the best times to visit if you want to see dazzling natural colour from the stunning blues and pinks of spring bluebells and rhododendrons to the dazzling red and gold of our trees in October. We also have beautiful woodland ponds with Chinese style bridges and tumbling waterfalls make for a stunning place to relax and gather ones thoughts in this peaceful woodland centrepiece garden. An interesting selection of sculptures and woodland features can be seen along the paths of the woodland, which showcase different works from some of the Island’s most talented artists. One of the most stunning features is our record breaking tree sculpture standing at 57ft and is a must see for all Island visitors.