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Park & Gardens

Robin Hill is home to beautiful open parkland leading to woodland trails that meander through wonderfully curated gardens; perfect for a relaxing day out. Arguably some of the Isle of Wight’s most enchanting outdoor spaces, there’s sculptures, tumbling water features, ponds, bridges and an extensive botanic collection to discover as you wander through the ancient woodland.

Woodland Ponds

Discover the Woodland Ponds at the heart of Robin Hill’s 88 acres. Be immersed in an oriental style garden with it’s beautiful winding walkways, tumbling waterfalls, Chinese style moon bridges and complementary planting. The spectacular cascading bridge forms a feature point in the centre of the garden, perfect for taking in the sights and sounds. And why not take a moment for reflection under the bows of a marble pagoda amidst the towering bamboo to relax and listen to the peaceful sounds of the woodland? 

If you’re bringing the children too, keep an eye out for the marble zodiac benches – there’s one for each sign! Will you spot them all?

Canopy Sky Walk

Explore 100 metres of glorious treetop walkways, suspended 10 feet above the forest floor. Robin Hill is the only place on the Isle of Wight with raised canopy sky walks, complete with forest floor viewing platforms right under your feet. Encounter the beautiful colours, twists, and turns of the woodland and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for our fluffy red squirrel friends too!


Planted over 100 years ago, the sprawling woodland and beautiful gardens were once a part of the large Willis-Fleming family estate. Now the grounds are open to the guests of Robin Hill with an exotic mix of planted clearings, specimen trees, streams, ponds and sculptures. It is a must-see for all green-fingered enthusiasts visiting the Isle of Wight.

The Parting

Unique to Robin Hill, one of the park’s most magnificent architectural highlights is The Parting sunken walkway, finished with an incredible marble arch. The walkway itself takes you below the waterline of the Lower Valley pond, giving you a real sense of the waters parting around you.

During the summer months, the sunken walkway is a must-see. With your eyeline at or even below the water level, you get a first-hand glimpse of the beautiful water lilies beginning to bud and bloom, providing shelter to all manner of underwater creatures.

Sitting proud above the walkway is the park’s 60 tonne oriental marble archway. It frames the woodland valley view beautifully, acting almost as a magical doorway for guests to venture back beneath the shelter of the trees.

Gardens for all seasons

The changing seasons make every visit to Robin Hill utterly unique. With blankets of bluebells and daffodils engulfing the forest floor in Spring time, followed by exotic palms, bracken and ferns flourishing through the hot summer. Perhaps most famous for its rhododendrons, Robin Hill’s gardens and woodland burst into a cacophony of colour from May onwards.

Later in the year, watch as the leaves turn warm shades of orange and red, painting the woodland and walkways with a spectrum of golden tones for Autumn. The snow drops emerge as winter sets in, and frost coats the park in a blanket of glistening crystals just in time for our festive event dates.


The gardens and woodlands were rejuvenated with glades, ponds, and pathways after the World Wars, when the grounds became wildly overgrown and untamed. Now, the various trails boast vibrant and exotic sights and smells from across the globe, from the giant redwoods with origins from North America that tower atop the canopy, to the ever-growing bamboo in the Woodland Ponds, there are worlds to discover beneath the thick treetop canopy. 

More recent additions to the gardens include a selection of tropical jungle plantations, including large leafed banana trees and striking tall palms. These new additions work to provide contrast to the traditional old Corsican pines and oak trees. Many of the oldest oaks in the park can now be seen in their full glory within the brand-new Falconry Centre, amidst purpose-built aviaries for our resident birds of prey.

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