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COVID-19 Guest Information

The safety and comfort of our guests and staff has always been priority and as the COVID-19 restrictions ease, we’ve made a few changes to make your visits an even more enjoyable experience, without so many regulations in place.

The following page explains the detail of the policies and measures that we’re keeping in place to make your visit as safe and enjoyable as possible. Please ensure you’ve read the below information before visiting the park. 

To ensure we’re able to continue to allow for a comfortable environment for all our staff and guests, we are still asking all Frequent Visitor Pass holders and visitors purchasing tickets to book online in advance. This will guarantee entry on your chosen date!

We’re still providing hand sanitiser stations throughout the park to ensure you’re able to use these in high-touch areas; and we’re still advising that you bring your own with you, too!

We are still working to reduce the amount of cash handled on-site and therefore ask that all guests ensure they are able to make purchases with either card or contactless payments

Enhanced cleaning schedules will remain in-place throughout the park, particularly on high-touch areas. 

Face coverings are no longer mandatory in any area of the park; however, all guests are welcome to wear one for their own comfort if they wish. Some of our staff may opt to continue wearing a face covering.

Top Tips

???? Try a different route
When you enter the park, a lot of customers will head to the left to our rides section. Why not take a stroll through the gardens to the Lower Valley first and then work your way back? That way you might avoid any crowds or queues at our main rides and enjoy them later in the day instead!

???? Bring your own!
We’ve installed hand sanitiser stations strategically throughout the park for your convenience, but it’s a good idea to bring your own with you too! That way you can use it whenever you feel the need.

☔ Come prepared
We all know Britain’s summer weather can be unpredictable so we advise you bring sun cream and a sun hat along with an umbrella if the forecast is wet.

???? Make your own choices
Be prepared to make your own sensible decisions on what you’re happy to allow yourself and your children to interact with. We’ve got a lot of hands-on elements in the park and although we’ve got enhanced cleaning regimes in place, it’s every guest’s own responsibility to decide whether they are comfortable using them. For example,

  • If an area looks too busy, make a sensible decision to come back later.
  • If you feel someone isn’t respecting your social distance, make a decision to step back.
  • We know it’s tricky for children to understand distancing so please supervise yours at all times.

All actions taken are in line with Government advice to reduce the risk associated with the virus and we’ve outlined some suggestions for you to enjoy the park in your own time, comfortably and safely. We’ve done all we can to protect our guests and staff and, as is the case with all safety matters, everyone has a responsibility for their own actions. We therefore ask that all guests adhere to the advice and procedures we’ve implemented to ensure their safety.

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