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NEW FOR 2023
Private Falconry Experiences

Hosted by one of our knowledgeable, qualified falconers, this extraordinary experience will see intimate groups of up to 8 people handle and fly some of Robin Hill’s resident feathered friends. Flying up to 5 different birds of prey within the experience, guests will learn all about these magnificent creatures, and get a real behind the scenes look at just what goes into their care.

Suitable from ages 6 and upwards, this makes for an unforgettable experience.

Enter into a whole new world as you enter Robin Hill’s Falconry Experience Centre!

Home to a variety of bird species, Robin Hill is proud to present to you daily falconry displays hosted by Charlie and his exceptional team of falconers.

These exciting displays include guest interaction with the birds, owls and hawks flying right over audiences’ heads! Take your seats at the outdoor arena and enjoy an exhilarating display as the knowledgeable team provide a wealth of insight into the birds and their habits. 

Between displays, Charlie and his team are on-hand to provide meet and greet opportunities. If you want to learn more about the majestic birds of prey, stop by and have a chat!

Display times

Daily: 11:30am & 2:45pm, with additional displays at 1.15pm during weekends and school holidays.

Our daily displays are included free with all standard park admission tickets and take place at the Falconry Display Area.

More displays may take place during peak periods. Please check event-specific information for more details.

Visitor Access Advice

Our Falconry Experience Centre complex is nestled in some beautiful woodland within Robin Hill’s downland park. Access from the top of the park is steep, and guests with accessibility requirements will benefit from entering the complex via the display arena, or lower woodland entrance.

Please note; Sorry, no dogs are permitted in our falconry expereince centre, or on any experiences we provide.

Meet the team

The new Falconry Centre is home to a fantastic team of birds of prey, each with their own quirks and personalities. We look after a variety of species including falcons, hawks, eagles, and owls. Let’s take a look at a few that you’re likely to meet during your next visit… 

Chief – White Tailed Sea Eagle 

Chief is still a baby bird, though he might not look it! As Sea Eagles are the UK’s largest bird of prey, Chief weighs in at a whopping 9.2lbs with a huge wingspan of 7.5ft! 

Despite being native to the UK, Sea Eagles were wiped out approximately 200 years ago and there’s now an on-going re-introduction project taking place to return wild birds back to the UK and the Isle of Wight specifically.

Find out more about Chief and his training journey by joining our online Facebook group, Spread Your Wings.

♥- Quail 

Pip – Barn Owl

Pip is very affectionate and would actively look to sit with you; preferably on your lap rather than your glove. In the wild, Pip’s survival would depend on her amazing powers of super hearing and scientists say that in completely still conditions she can hear a mouse’s heartbeat from 3 meters away!

♥ – Being close to Charlie 

Diesel – Turkey Vulture

Recognised by his featherless red head (much like a turkey), Diesel can easily be spotted when he displays his long wingspan performing the heraldic pose. With Diesel’s incredible sense of smell, he can trace a piece of meat down to the size of an average steak from over a mile away. Be careful when you compliment him as turkey vultures actually turn a deeper shade of red when they blush!

♥ – Sunbathing in his heraldic pose. 

Baldrick – Harris Hawk

Our handsome Baldrick certainly is a crowd pleaser! No matter where he is, he’ll always display to the best of his ability. Harris Hawks are known as the 4th most intelligent bird of prey in the world, and have incredible eyesight, of which is eight times stronger than that of humans. They don’t say ‘eyes like a hawk’ for nothing!

♥ – Being the centre of attention.

Experiences take place weekly on a Wednesday and Thursday at 10am and 1pm, and Saturdays at 10am

Simple purchase your voucher, and then email [email protected] with your preferred date and time and our team will be in touch to book you in.

Yes – each booking is private to the booking party, you can have up to 8 participating guests

Of course – such an experience needs to be captured, and it’s pretty hard to take photos whilst holding birds. Spectators will need to purchase a spectator ticket at check out.

No, your falconer will meet you at Front of House on the day of your experience and take you to the falconry centre, and walk you back up at the end as ticket only permits you to take part in the falconry experience. If you wish to stay and explore the rest of Robin Hill, and standard admission ticket will need to be purchased.

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