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Toboggan Run

Get set for the Isle of Wight’s only Toboggan Run!

Hold on tight on your ascent to the top of the valley before your speedy journey down through the exciting twists and turns of the park’s countryside. This family favourite is an exhilarating quarter mile downhill ride sure to bring a smile to your face, with a viewing platform for loved ones to snap a picture of you on the way down!

The Toboggan Run opens from 11am daily, with the last ride 30 minutes before park closing time. The attraction may also be open during selected evening openings. Please see event-specific information for more details. 

In quieter periods of the year the track closes over lunchtime (approx. 12.30pm – 1.00pm).

Maintain a moderate speed for safety. Keep at least 15 metres (50 feet) from the toboggan in front and do not stop during the descent.

We will do our best to advise you in advance if you are queuing and won’t get time to ride again.

3–7yrs can ride for 50p per person, per ride and must be accompanied by an individual aged 14yrs or older. 

8yrs+ can ride for £1.50 per person, per ride unaccompanied.

Gold Passes can be purchased upon entry to the park for £10. These provide unlimited rides for one day, subject to ride availability.

Please note, due to health and safety restrictions, the Toboggan Run cannot operate in wet weather. The park’s ride operators will close the Run when necessary and we’ll always do our best to get things back up and running as soon as possible.

All drivers and passengers use the Toboggan Run at their own risk.

A fee to ride the Toboggan applies.

Make sure your clothing is suitable. We advise against any loose fitting clothing that could hang outside of the toboggan itself.

Strictly no mobile phones or hand-held cameras are permitted while riding.

You may not ride whilst under the influence of drink or drugs.

Do not stop during the descent.

The driver of the rear toboggan is liable for all damage or injury in case of a collision.

Children aged between 3-7yrs must ride with an adult aged 14yrs or older and the younger child must sit in the front. 

Sorry, no guests under 3yrs can ride.

The ride will be closed during poor or wet weather conditions.

The last ride before lunch is at 12.25pm prompt.

Personal items can be left with our Toboggan team, but this is at owners’ own risk. 

Valuable items should be left with friends or relatives.

The purchase of your ticket signifies your consent to those conditions.

Please obey the instructions of the staff at all times.

All personal effects are left with attendants at their own risk.

A toboggan is a simple sled traditionally used by children. It is also a traditional form of transport used by the Innu and Cree of northern Canada.

In modern times, it is used on snow to carry one or more people (often children) down a hill or other slope for recreation. Designs vary from simple, traditional models to modern engineered composites. A toboggan differs from most sleds or sleighs in that it has no runners or skis (or only low ones) on the underside. The bottom of a toboggan rides directly on the snow. Some parks include designated toboggan hills where ordinary sleds are not allowed and which may include toboggan runs similar to bobsleigh courses.

Toboggans can vary depending on the climate and geographical region. Such examples are Tangalooma (Australia) where toboggans are made from Masonite boards and used for travelling down steep sand dunes at speeds up to 40 km/h (25 mph).

The Robin Hill toboggan run is 300 metres long and is the only one of it’s kind on the Isle of Wight.

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