Jungle Heights Accessibility Sessions

Adventure’s been taken to new heights! 

Jungle Heights combines adventure play at dizzying heights, suspended net mazes, tunnels and a huge net trampoline, providing an exhilarating experience for family adventurers, unlike any other!

To kick off the 2019 season, we’re now offering Accessibility Sessions for those families who want to experience the park’s newest attraction in a quieter, calmer manner.

Moving forward, sessions will take place on the first Sunday of every month between approximately 9:45am – 12noon.

Sessions will be restricted to those individuals and their carers/families attending the Accessibility Session only and are therefore limited in numbers so spaces MUST be booked in advance in person with our admissions team.

A standard Robin Hill entry ticket or Frequent Visitor Pass is required for entry to these sessions and can be purchased upon entry to the park or online prior to visiting. This ticket includes entry to the Jungle Heights Accessibility Session and full access to enjoy the park for the rest of the day following the session.

Feedback from the first Session:

“My son has Asperger’s and struggled with extra loud sounds & unexpected noises, so he would avoid areas like Jungle Heights. However, today has been amazing. He can relax and enjoy an area of the park and come away far less anxious and able to enjoy the rest of the park. As word spreads and more children come along,  he may have a chance to make new friends. Thank you”

“Brilliant! It makes such a difference to have a quiet time for those who have additional needs. I could note believe how my son gained confidence and balance skills in this session. He also had amazing fun! Thank you so much for doing this.”

Terms & Conditions

  1. Each disabled guest must be accompanied by a carer at all times who is responsible for supporting the individual on the attraction.
  2. Siblings may be able to participate in the session, subject to availability. Seating outside Rio’s is available for any additional family members or friends who would like to watch the session.
  3. Access is subject to availability on the day of the session.
  4. A fair warning system before re-opening the attraction to the public will be in place to enable those attending the Accessibility Session time to vacate the attraction should they wish.
  5. A dedicated member of Robin Hill staff will be overseeing Jungle Heights for the duration of the session.
  6. A standard entry ticket or Frequent Visitor Pass is required to enter the park and participate in the Accessibility Session. These tickets allow access to the session and the whole park with the standard free 7 day returns policy.
  7. The park will open early from 9:45am to allow session guests to enter the park and get to Jungle Heights in time for the 10am session start time.
  8. Standard Jungle Heights usage rules apply.

Please read the following general rules before visiting:

Suitable footwear must be worn at all times (no open toe shoes or flip flops). Minimum height; 0.9m. Children aged under 4 are not permitted. Children aged between 4 – 6 must be accompanied by a participating adult at a ratio of 1:2. Children aged between 7 – 13 must be accompanied by a spectating adult at a ratio of 1:5. Disorderly or dangerous conduct will not be tolerated. Please remove all jewellery, sharp clothing and personal effects from pockets before entering. Participants must not be under the influence of alcohol. People with certain disabilities meaning they cannot get themselves on and off the net course safely, or people with mobility issues will be unable to participate. It is advised that customers with existing medical conditions such as heart and circulatory conditions, back and neck conditions, claustrophobia and vertigo; or customers who are pregnant, do not participate. Do not climb the wooden structures or on the sides of nets. Maximum capacity of the central net is 20 persons. Total participant number on the net course should not exceed 80 persons. Larger groups should refer to our admission team for group access. This attraction will close in adverse weather conditions. CCTV is in operation in this area. No smoking is permitted at any time on this attraction or in the vicinity of the Rio’s outlet

BALPPA Gold Award