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Up Close and Personal with our Falconry Display

See and experience the majesty of our spectacular Birds of Prey up close in our Falconry Centre with daily flying displays to delight and surprise you!

From owls to hawks, vultures to eagles, our expert falconry team share their passion and knowledge for these feathered friends of Robin Hill. From swooping interactive flying displays to ‘meet and greet’ opportunities, visitors to our Isle of Wight adventure park will be enthralled with their grace and beauty.

Each of our birds has a very different and unique personality.

Owls display

Pip, our Barn Owl, is really gentle and friendly. This means Pip is so a great ‘first encounter’ for the whole family visiting our Robin Hill Birds of Prey Centre.

Robin Hill Birds of Prey

Then we have Diesel, our Turkey Vulture, is an impressive larger bird with a bright red head. A little comical looking but he has an amazing sense of smell! One of our ‘baby birds’ is also one of our largest – Chief, a White-Tailed Sea Eagle. White-tailed sea eagles were recently re-introduced back onto the Isle of Wight.

Private Falconry Display Experience

For those who are looking for something a little different, maybe an extra special something for someone, private falconry experience. You’ll have the chance to both handle and fly these magnificent creatures. These are suitable for anyone aged 6 and upwards.

Fly across to book your falconry experience here!

Our Robin Hill Country Park Falconry Handlers flying our birds of prey
Eagles display at Robin Hill Country Park

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