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Robin Hill – Toboggan Ride

Why should I ride the Toboggan Run…. Because it’s F-U-N!

Enjoy all the twists and turns on the Isle of Wight’s only Toboggan Run as you hurtle (safely!) down over 400 metres of undulating, sweeps and bends on this awesomely fun Island hidden gem.

Buddy up and sit tight as you whoosh through our stunning parkland at speeds of up to 22 mph, and imagine yourself taking on the famous Cresta Run or being part of the next Winter Olympic Games bobsleigh team.

“Our first try at a Toboggan run came at Robin Hill on the Isle of Wight and what great fun it was. It comes down to how brave will you be!”  UK Theme Parks 

Entertaining tobogganists since 1991How brave will you be?!

A few fun ‘tobogganny’ facts for you…

Why is it called tobogganing?

The word toboggan is derived from the French ‘tabaganne’ that  describes a long sled with a curled front end and no runners.

What were toboggans originally used for?

Historically, Indigenous groups used toboggans extensively throughout the winter months. It was used for hauling small loads or people over snow. 

What kind of wood is used for traditional toboggans?

Typically, toboggans were constructed of thin boards of larch or birch wood, secured to one another by crossbars, with the boards turned up at the front.

When did tobogganing become a sport?

Tobogganing as a sport probably originated on the slopes of Mount Royal in Montreal later spreading into the United States. During the heyday of tobogganing, lots of artificial chutes were constructed with steep sections at the top in order to accelerate the toboggan quickly – up to 60 mph!

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