Frequent Visitor Ticket F.A.Q.s


Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions for Frequent Visitor Tickets.

If you cannot find the answer to your question then please email us


  • What is a Frequent Visitor Ticket (FVT)?

A Frequent Visitor Ticket allows you unlimited visits to Robin Hill, Blackgang Chine or to both parks for a one off price for that season. Please visit our websites for opening times.

  • I have misplaced my Frequent Visitor Ticket, what do I do?

If you have lost your card please visit either Robin Hill or Blackgang Chine where our Admissions Team will verify your details and print you off a new card. Please note that a £5 administration fee applies for each card that is reprinted.

  • My partner and I visit the park with the children on different days. Do you offer a card that can be shared?

Our FVT cards are specifically detailed with the name and photograph of the person who is allowed to use it therefore cards cannot be interchanged between different people. 

  • I am a carer for a disabled Frequent Visitor Ticket holder, do I get discount?

There are no concessionary rates for Frequent Visitor Tickets owing to their already excellent value.    However, if a different Carer brings the disabled guest throughout the season, a transferable Carer Frequent Visitor Ticket can be purchased.  This card can ONLY be used in conjunction with a Frequent Visitor Ticket purchased for the disabled customer, but can be shared amongst the authorised Carers.  If more than one Carer is required to accompany the disabled guest then additional Carer cards will need to be purchased.  Each Carer card provides admission for one Carer only.  The Carer card can only be used when accompanying the disabled guest.

  • Can I have my cards posted out to me?

We do not post out cards, your cards will be waiting at your chosen park once you have applied. You can choose which park you would like to collect your cards from during the online application.

  • From what age should I buy my child a Frequent Visitor Ticket?

We do not charge entry to the park for children aged 3 and under therefore you will not need to buy your child an FVT until they turn 4.

  • When can I use my Frequent Visitor Ticket?

You can use your Frequent Visitor Ticket at anytime during normal opening hours. Normal entry conditions apply, visit our websites for a full calendar for the upcoming season. Some special events maybe excluded.

  • How do I apply for my FVTs?

You can either apply online and collect your cards on your first visit OR apply when you visit the park. This process can take a few minutes so please allow time for this.

  • Can you take my photographs for my card in the park?

Yes. We will take your photograph when we take your details.

  •  How do I use my FVT once I have collected my card?

You simply need to present your card to our admissions team when you arrive.

  • I have only bought a single park FVT, can I upgrade to a Joint Park FVT?

Yes you can upgrade just for the difference in price! Please visit either park with your card.

  • If I renew my FVT for next year do I have to put all my details in again?

You can renew an existing FVT on our website or with our admissions teams using the same details as last year.

  • Will you provide a Frequent Visitor Ticket as a prize to support our charity?

Due to the large number of requests we receive we cannot support every charity. Please email either or to see if we can help.

  • Is my FVT valid for one whole calendar year or just one season?

An FVT is only valid for the season in which you buy it. To get maximum use from your card then you should buy it as early in the season as possible. We sell FVTs for the upcoming season from October half term.

  • Can I get a discount on entrance to the other park if I only buy a single park FVT?

No, if you visit the sister park then normal tariff applies. If you think you may visit during the season then maybe a Joint Park FVT will be the best option for you.

  • Can I buy an FVT as a gift for somebody?

Yes you can. Simply pop in to the park and buy an FVT and we will give you a receipt with full instructions on what to do next. Their card will then be waiting for them when they first visit the park.

  •  Can I pay for my Frequent Visitor Ticket in instalments?

Unfortunately not however you can buy an FVT at any point during the season, you can also upgrade from a Single Park FVT to a Joint Park FVT at any point in the season.